DSE live-market trading chatroom returning soon!


If you enjoy our analysis and forecasts in the articles we write for TheStreet.com, RealMoney.com, and others, you will really love what we are about to do at our sister site, DSETrading.com  For the first time in a decade, we're reopening our live-market chatroom, where we'll analyze and narrate the market from bell to bell. Not only will we be running a core group of stocks, indices, and futures markets through the DSE daily, but also taking suggestions from members for real-time DSE analysis.

This is the same methodology that allowed Ken to win the World Cup Advisor's 2007 Q3 Emini category with 121% net return (the highest single-quarter net return to date).

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Join the fun and see how "objective" decision support can help you improve the outcomes in your trading and/or investing, by minimizing emotion and ego, and learning how the market broadcasts its intentions on where it wants to go, and how you can get in tune with its messages.

The first third of each day is dedicated to analyzing the most influential stock indices, stocks, and other influencers (Treasury bonds and yields, crude, precious metals, currencies, etc.).  Various components of the DSE's algorithm are highlighted, depending on what the market focuses on any given day.  Trade set ups, risk management, and positioning techniques are emphasized.  The middle third of the day is more flexible.  At times, the psychology of trading winners and losers is topical, while at other times, trading around news, Fed meetings, earnings, or other crowd "crutches" requires our attention.  Finally, the last third of the day returns the environment to the action at hand, and what might be important to know about before the final bell.

Don't miss out on what was all the rage (causing Tyler Mathisen of CNBC  to interview Ken on his Power Lunch show) in the past, and got Stocks and Commodities Magazine to send one of their reporters to a trading course to see the hubbub was all about (which was written about and strongly recommended).

Give us your contact information and permission to alert you the week before we reopen, and lock in a special discount for being an early supporter of DSETrading.com.  We will only use your email to remind you about this unique opportunity to join the chatroom from day-one.  Also, those that do take us up on our offer to be an early adopter will receive the best pricing package, and lock it in for life!

If you are making all the money you want in the markets already, you don't need this service.  Otherwise, what do you have to lose.  Let us contact you when we're about to go live (this September), and join the community that's all about making money and making friends, and doing so with less emotions and more objectivity than most think is possible.

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