DVD: Leveling the Wall Street Advantage

DVD Trading CourseFor those that have missed our in-person WaveLearning seminars in Seattle, don’t fret. The video of the latest intensive, weekend is now available!  There were 12 attendees that took part in this in-depth and hands on training of the “what, why, and how” of the the Decision Support Engine, or DSE, and how it signals the opportunities that are highlighted in our WaveBOOM Extreme and WaveBOOM Daily services, which go out to traders, investors, hedge fund managers, and investment advisers one (Daily service) to eight (Extreme service) times a day.

Attendees in our live seminars spent $3000 to attend, plus the cost of flying to Seattle, and two nights in a hotel (not to mention nearly 20 hours in a room with me). That total cost was around $4000. Now, from the comfort of your home or office, it can be experienced, with full replay capabilities, for a fraction of that total price, or just $999. Attendees always get a copy free, as our grateful thanks for helping make this course interactive by participating, asking great questions, and allowing the cameras and sound guys to be walking around. This is a unique learning opportunity, which is reflected in the DVD course, too.

This two hours will give you the background of why the DSE is needed to remove the subjective and emotional trading mistakes that keep most market participants from the success they desire.  I show the usage of each DSE component in detail, and how and why I use each one.  I even show why I don’t use them individually, and tell how much it cost me to learn those lessons…the hard way!  I explain why they need to be used in this composite model, and how to apply the DSE to different time frames, depending on what YOUR needs are.

There is a crucial bit of “mind game” preparation at the beginning, before I get into the thematic content; how to identify the “crowded” trade, and avoid it at all cost.

There is even a courageous few moments when a 10 year veteran of trading talks about his painful path of ego and denial, and how the DSE has focused him to be able to achieve the success he is happy with.

Retail Price: $999 


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