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In Japan today, there is a popular term called “my boom”.  It means “the thing I am currently obsessed with”.  My current obsession is going on its 31th year:  Behavioral Finance.  The more I study, the more obsessed I become.  My goal is to use my experience, research, and DSE to narrate and forecast the markets for you, and bring the same objectivity, clarity, and calm to your trading as I experience.

WaveBOOM Daily is our service for active traders and investors that don't need intra-day analysis.  Every morning (sometimes posted late the night before), we’ll have a an update on our WaveBOOM Daily analysis and portfolio. The portfolio represents a number of stock and/or futures plays that we are involved in, or would like to be if the set-ups become ideal.   Our updates often include instructional charts, market commentary, and entry/exit points that you can use as examples of how to best utilize our methodology.  Member receive email “ALERTS” whenever a new BOOM is published.

We follow hundreds of stocks, indices, futures, and commodities, but can’t comment on each of them daily.  So, we have focused the WaveBOOM portfolio on a select set of stocks and sectors. We track the stock plays online, and update them based on the entry and exits that we describe in our updates.

Only paid members will see our updates posted.  If you are a WaveBOOM Extreme member, you will be able to see both the WaveBOOM Daily and WaveBOOM Extreme updates.  So, please don't subscribe to both.  There are also many great resources on our education pages. Please stop by there to preview and review, our past webinars, and the printable EWT/Fibonacci cheat sheet.

We hope that you will use WaveBOOM Daily to augment your own trading/investing program.  This service is for those that want to know what our decision support engine (DSE) tells us about various markets, and what speculative plays are implied.  We have plays that are focused for intermediate term traders (2 week to 2 month durations), and longer term investors (two month to two year durations).  However, we are not your investment adviser, money manager, or risk monitor.  Our plays are what we do, based on our opinion and risk tolerance.  If you like them, feel free to use them at your own risk.

We are at your service.  ENJOY!

Subscriptions are $99 per month (Currently closed to new members).


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