Welcome to the new Trading With Waves

Welcome to the new Trading With Waves!

We have just finished migrating to a new platform that allows us to take advantage of some new technology that will help you learn to improve your trading and to take advantage of the Decision Support Engine. Lots of things look the same and we may adjust the look and feel of the site in the coming months. For now though, our main concern was moving to the new platform so we could offer you better programs and resources.

If you new to our offerings, you will find the our WaveThinking program a great place to get started. If you are an existing member, you will find some new features such as an exclusive BOOMer chat room and SMS notifications for posts in the WaveBOOM Resources section.

Of course we are still offering our DVD trading course (Leveling the Wall Street Advantage) and will have details on the next FREE WaveLearning webinar coming in early October (don't worry, we're getting ready for our next in-person WaveLearning seminar - details to come).

We are also launching an entirely new program on the new platform!! WaveMUJO is our daily service that helps you to understand the trends the herds are following and how to set yourself up to profit from those trends without getting caught up in the emotion of trading. We will be tracking several positions in the daily portfolio as well as market analysis to help you be successful.

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