Green Shoots? More Like Weeds

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the Obama administration. Although I’m still very excited about the historical implications of PBO’s (President Barack Obama) rise, I’m still waiting to feel the love on a personal level. My house continues to decline in value, it’s very hard to get a loan, the “good old boys” are raping and pillaging our country right in front of our eyes (Goldman Sachs leads the pack, but it’s broad and deep), corporate earnings have evaporated, unemployment has exploded, and among many others on the growing, rather than shrinking, list of “things not good” are the accelerating numbers of bankruptcies and foreclosures. Continue reading

Obamageddon: Truth or Treason?

The reason our economy, markets, and survival as the last remaining superpower are in question is that, after having just committed to $9 Trillion in the past year to fix the problems of the past decade, we are about to see (in the next few years) that it wasn’t enough and won’t work. What will be needed to eventually fix it is hard to imagine – multiples more expensive than can currently be conceived – and may change our country as we now know it. Sometime this coming fall, this realization will start to be felt across the world in our collective unconscious. When this reaches the boiling point, world markets will crash and “THERE WILL BE BLOOD” again! Continue reading

Flash Strategy Update 07 Jul 2009

This is just a quick note, while I put together an in-depth WavePredictor Alert to prepare you for the upcoming market turn, which is due in the next week or two: let’s say July 16 +/- 3 trading days. Will this turn be a lower high than the 8900 recent high, or will it be the higher low than the March bottom as we’ve been preparing you for? It’s a bit too early to tell, but either way, we’ll be ready to play it. At this moment, all we know is that the market is getting a bit oversold on a daily chart basis. A nice, scary test of Dow 8000 early tomorrow would be an attractive place for the bears to draw the line in the sand. Notice our CONSERVATIVE MODEL will take a position if the DIA tests the 80 area, which is an exact bullseye on Dow 8000. We’ll build our ladder down into a deep retest of the March lows, but think it’s too early in the summer for the WAVE 2 rally to end. Wave relationships would fit better if this low in coming weeks to reverse and push prices, and crowd psychology higher into late August or September. But, the market is our leader, and we’ll watch and listen to her for guidance. Continue reading