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Our approach is uniquely framed by Elliott Wave Theory (EWT), which tracks and forecasts financial market movements based on crowd psychology and sentiment. We begin from the premise that the “mood of the crowd” swings like a pendulum between mania and depression. Neither of these sentiment extremes are sustainable. Our systems warn of impending “phase shifts” (trend reversals), allowing us to identify the next market move near its infancy, sometimes before it even begin. We then position for the pendulum swing to the opposite extreme.
Elliott Wave and Fibonacci are the only market theories that we are aware of that have meaningful predictive value. When we add our proprietary decision-support model to these two methodologies, we get highly confident insights into the longevity of the current trend. Finally, we use our laddered entry protocol to position in front of coming market behavior, rather than hope and pray that the current trend will continue forever. When used in conjunction, these tools form the system that allows us to probability-rank future outcomes based on what has historically happened in the markets under similar conditions over the past 300 years.
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