If you want our FREE weekly market analysis that includes a summary of our WaveBOOM and WaveMUJO activity register for this program. The newsletter includes actionable analysis from our decision support model that can be used to support your trading activity. This newsletter comes out on Fridays and is included in all the other programs. All of our announcements are sent through this newsletter as well. If you want to hear about upcoming webinars or other special offers

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If you want detailed intra-day analysis on a limited set of positions, sign up for the WaveMUJO program. This program includes training using our decision support model, entry/exit on a limited set of positions, and is actionable for the after-hours traders. Emails are sent several times per week with updates from our model. These updates are included for WaveBOOM members. Subscription rates are $99 per month.

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If you want frequent market analysis for trading durations of 2 hours to 2 weeks, WaveBOOM is the commentary for you.  Several times per day (before, during, and after market hours…and more often when needed), Ken BOOM’s his analysis, thoughts, and forecasts, with entry and exit levels that he is using for his own activities.  Many BOOMs include a labeled chart or two to highlight the analysis.  For those that can’t be tied to their computers all day long, this is perfect get a sense of what “the waves” are forecasting.  Subscription rates are $833 per month, or $3,900 per 6 months, or $6,200 per year (contact us for other than monthly payments).

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WaveLearning conferences are held at key cities throughout the country. These intensive, two-day workshops are half theory and half real market examples.  Whether it’s learning Elliott and Fibonacci guidelines, reviewing historical examples, seeing coming forecasts, or formulating real-time implementation you crave, this 16 hours of complete immersion will take you from wondering, through understanding, to using waves, if you bring your ‘A’ game and open mind.  Registration is $3,000 per person, $2,250 each for teams, if paid three weeks prior to workshop, or $4,000 per person, $3,000 each for teams, if paid less than three weeks prior. Contact Us to Register and learn more…

You can also purchase a DVD version of our past WaveLearning Workshop.

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