MUJO is the Japanese name for the Buddhist belief in Impermanence. It represents the fact that things move in cycles, they come and go, they are here for a time and then they go away. MUJO represents the changing nature of trends that we use Elliot Waves and Fibo’s to discover.

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WaveMUJO is our less active trader, intra-day blog program.  In the past, some of you may have been part of our twitter, newsletter, live chat room, training, or coaching services – that is our WaveBOOM program.

Every morning, we’ll have a an update on our MUJO portfolio. The portfolio represents a number of stock positions. Our updates will include instructional charts, market commentary, and entry/exit points that you can use in combination to learn our methodology.

We follow hundreds of stocks, indices, futures, and commodities, but can’t comment on each of them daily, so we have focused the WaveMUJO portfolio to a select set of stocks. We track the stock positions online and update the positions based on the entry and exits that we describe in our updates.

Only paid members will see our updates posted. If you are a WaveBOOM member you will be able to see both the WaveBOOM and WaveMUJO updates so please do not subscribe to both. There are also many great resources on our education pages. Please stop by there to review an overview, our past webinars, and the downloadable reference card.

We hope that you will use WaveMUJO to augment your own trading/investing program.  This service is for those that want to know what our decision support engine (DSE) tells us about various markets, and what speculative plays are implied.  We have plays that are focused for intermediate term traders (2 week to 2 month durations), and longer term investors (two month to two year durations).  However, we are not your investment advisor, money manager, or risk monitor.  Our plays are what we do, based on our opininon and risk tolerance.  If you like them, feel free to use them at your own risk.

If you require more real time input beyond our WaveMUJO or WaveBOOM programs, please consider our WaveLearning program.

We are at your service.  ENJOY!

Subscription rates are $99 per month.

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