In Japan today, there is a popular term called “my boom”.  It means “the thing I am currently obsessed with”.  My current obsession is going on its 26th year:  Elliott Waves.  The more I study and use Waves, the more obsessed I become.  My goal is to use Elliott Waves to narrate the markets for you, and bring the same objectivity, clarity, and calm to your trading as they bring to mine.

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WaveBOOM is our active trader, intra-day blog service, and much more.  In the past, some of you may have been part of our twitter, newsletter, live chat room, training, or coaching services.  WaveBOOM will feel like a combination of our twitter, chat, and newsletter services.

Many market days, we’ll have a pre-market BOOM, a mid-day BOOM, and a pre-close BOOM about 30-45 minutes before the final bell.  When we see something particularly interesting during the day, we’ll BOOM extra comments as well (most days have 5-8 BOOMs).  We use charts whenever possible to illustrate our BOOMs.  Member receive email “ALERTS” whenever a new BOOM is published. Members can also sign up for text message “ALERTS” whenever a new BOOM is published.

We follow major indices:  Dow, SPX, NDX, RUT.  In addition, we monitor and comment on gold, silver, crude, the dollar, euro, and other sectors of interest.  We follow hundreds of stocks, but can’t comment on each of them daily, so we use the most widely followed:  goog, gs, aapl, amzn, msft, csco, etc.  This is a way to tune into what we are doing several times a day, rather than weekly, like we do on TheStreet.com, or other financial websites where we publish.

When we post new BOOMs, only paid members see our work in real time.  After six months, we make our BOOMs public for anyone so see, as they’re no longer actionable.  We also have an archive of BOOMs going back to May of 2008, which allows you to see the value of our work in various market environments.  Only you can evaluate how we might have helped you in the past, and hope to in the future.

We hope that you will use WaveBOOM to augment your own trading/investing program.  This service is for those that want to know what our decision support engine (DSE) tells us about various markets, and what speculative plays are implied.  We have plays that are focused for very active traders (2 hour to 2 day durations), intermediate term traders (2 week to 2 month durations), and longer term investors (two month to two year durations).  However, we are not your investment advisor, money manager, or risk monitor.  Our plays are what we do, based on our opinion and risk tolerance.  If you like them, feel free to use them at your own risk. We offer a chat room for BOOM members only to discuss the trades that you see and how you are using the BOOMs to augment your trading with each other.

If you require more real time input, please consider our WaveLearning service.

We are here to help the public gain insight into aspects of market psychology, crowd sentiment, and objective decision support modeling that aren’t generally available.  We try our best to be unemotional and brutally honest with ourselves, our trades, and our valued customers.

We are at your service, within reason.  ENJOY!

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Subscription rates are Subscription rates are $833 per month, or $3,900 per 6 months, or $6,200 per year (contact us for other than monthly payments). Founding members may contact us for other options.

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