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Have you heard the one about North and South Korea exchanging artillery fire across a disputed sea border?  Oh, right, this is not a joke, and just happened within the past few hours, according to Fox News.  This comes a week after the most recent, but minor, Bradley Turn date, and two days after the last Phi-mate turn on Friday.  MORE importantly, April 23 +/-1 week is the "window" of the Grand Cardinal Cross.  Now, I've mentioned this for the past couple weeks, and you may think I'm off my rocker, but know this...although I don't know how to read it, or properly interpret these formations, when one of the most well known financial astrologers (Arch Crawford), whose clients are among the biggies, and another long-time astrologer I highly respect, and have witnessed extraordinary incites come from his interpretation, both warn that this GCC, the most important in written history, is about to be "set off", I freaking pay attention!

That said, I had a conversation with my guy a few weeks ago, and asked about the ramification of the GCC on the physical earth, not just the herd's emotions.  He said, which Arch also states in writing (which I'll quote this week to you), catastrophic events like earthquakes, floods, and the like are historically correlated with formations like this one, but never seen as this scale.  So, incredible caution is warranted, like not climbing mountains known to be active volcanoes.  Has anyone noticed the series of growing earthquake magnitudes in California in the past couple weeks?


Spx dailyAnyway, the stock index patterns are best view, as of this moment, as having completed, or will do early this week, corrective structures off the recent highs, setting up new highs, likely into the GCC on Apr. 23 +/-1 week.  However, the North/South Korea stuff could accelerate things, and "truncate" the finale, as could the Russian troop massing on the Ukraine border, and many other situations around us.  What does this mean?  Well, is sure as heck doesn't mean to be long and leveraged out the wazzu, at this time!  Blue or red paths in this Spx chart both arrive at the same destination.

Tbonds are down hard overnight, so far, after DSE got me to take profits on longs into the upper BB last week, near 134.  Daily stochs are crossed down now, and 'long is wrong'.

Crude is up in the past couple weeks, but pegged overbought here, and is a sell, not a buy.

Metals are within recent trading ranges, and sub-optimal for immediate trades.

Euro has fallen since DSE's sell warning near 1.39, and is a bit oversold here around 1.37.  But, 1.28 is the next strong support, so any bounces this week should fail, until at least this support is tested in the coming months.

bitcoin pinball updatedBitcoins are in free fall now, nearing that uptrending support line we showed last week near $405.  I just bought some, shown below, and hope to add into the $300's this week, if not lower.

More in the AM.

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