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Sorry, these charts showed up out of order with the commentary, so a bit confusing.  Each chart on the right should be on the left.  Instead of an hour to fix, I changed the numbering in text.

Chart 2 shows the effect of the Fed's tapering into the '08 market crash, and chart 1 shows what happened after the money machine went into overdrive since '09.

These are circling the web with the post '09 chart being called "the only chart that matters"!

Chart 4 shows several timing symmetries between highs and lows in the Dow since the '00 bomb exploded.  Chart 3 is even more compelling, as that red line is touched, and the pattern remains a monstrous ABC off the bottom in '02.

Timing BombTime Bomb 2Chart 6 shows chart 4 in zoomed-in mode, where three channel of increasing degrees of trend are all having their upper resistance lines tested now.

And, chart 5 shows the waning energy of fewer and fewer stocks making new highs vs. those making new lows, as the Dow powers higher. Charts 3-6 are courtesy of our friends at EWI.

Hitting many resistance linesDramatic loss of underlying energyMeanwhile, a/d is again negative, and Vix is again positive, while Spx is also positive.  This battle was won yesterday by the Vix, as both cannot remain in the same direction for very many minutes/hours.

16,100 Dow is at hand.

Pictures worth thousands of words... by

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